On Friday, April 29th, TCEE and the TCEE Office will be open but the Temple office will be closed in observance of the 7th Day of Passover.

At 10:30 am on Friday the 29th we will also have a 7th Day Passover service with Yizkor.

Welcome to Temple Ohabei Shalom!

We welcome you to join us for services led by:
Rabbi Sonia Saltzman & Cantor Randall Schloss

Friday Evenings at 6:00 pm
Saturday Mornings at 10:30 am

Other service times and events are as follows:
Sun, Tues & Wed @ 6 pm
Mon & Thurs @ 8 am

Latest News & Blog Entries

rabbi saltzman and loretta claiborne jb

True Inspiration by Mia Klinger-Powell

Our TOS Talks Speaker, Loretta Claiborne, touched hearts and minds when she came to Ohabei Shalom.  Mia Klinger-Powell, one of the “ambassadors” from our congregation for this TOS Talk, has written a moving reflection about Ms. Claiborne and the inspiring message of inclusion that she brought to our community, which you can find below. It’s […]

matzah ball soup

It’s Almost Passover–Are You Ready?

Personally–I’m certainly not! I always find there’s a bit of a scramble in the pre-Passover time. I’m planning seder meals, shopping for matzah and those ubiquitous chocolate lollipops, and always wondering what my children will eat when I take away their bread, pasta, and favorite breaded chicken fingers. And then there’s the question of how […]

Walk for Hunger featured image

TOS Walks for Hunger Relief on May 1 – Join us!

In Pirkei Avot (Sayings of the Fathers) Rabbi Elazar ben Azaryah wrote, “Im ein kemach, ein Torah. Im ein Torah, ein kemach.” (If there is no food, there is no Torah. If there is no Torah, there is no food.) This intriguing paradox teaches us that we cannot expect — of ourselves or others — to […]

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